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Local ordinances are laws, rules, or regulations passed by a political subdivision smaller than a state or nation.

Public Information

The public has a right to know about County information and can make an open records request.


Are you a victim of family violence? We may be able to assist in filing an Application for a Protective Order.


We can assists local merchants and citizens in collecting amounts stolen through worthless checks.

Rules of Procedure, Conduct and Decorum at Meetings
of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court – July 7, 2018

All Regular, Special, and Emergency Meetings of the Montgomery County
Commissioners Court will be called and conducted in accordance with the provisions of
the Texas Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551, Government Code…READ MORE


TexCom Gulf Disposal, LLC Submits a Request to TCEQ for Modifications
to its Surface Facility Permit #87758
May 18, 2018

On May 18, 2018 TexCom Gulf Disposal, LLC (TGD), submitted the following request for modification to the TGD TCEQ Industrial and Hazardous Waste (IHW) issued Surface Facility Permit #87758. This request is submitted in accordance with TCEQ Permit Application to Store and Process Industrial Nonhazardous Waste (INS-0024) and 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §305.69. TGD identifies the modification class based on class definitions in Rule 305.69, Appendix I or, when TGD’s proposed modification is not listed in Appendix I, based on the similarity of the modification to other modifications codified in Appendix I of 305.69 or 30 TAC 305.69 standards. TGD’s Notification of Registration (NOR) will be updated upon approval of this modification to reflect the approved permit conditions.

Document: Part 1

Document: Part 2

Document: Part 3

Document: Part 4

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