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Real Property


pagepic_realpropertyThe Real Property Section assists and advises the County Commissioners and many County departments with regard to real property issues and the use, maintenance and disposition of real property owned by Montgomery County.

Attorneys with the Real Property Section review subdivision plats for accuracy and compliance with laws and ordinances. The section prepares leases and conveyances for County owned property and property leased by Montgomery County. Lawyers in the Real Property Section prepare and review agreements between Montgomery County and other political subdivisions such as cities, road districts and drainage districts. The attorneys prepare and review easements, right-of-ways, dedication instruments, deeds and other documents by which the County acquires or uses real property. The Real Property Section also enforces the flood plain regulations and pursues environmental health nuisance abatements, building & septic permit violations. The attorneys in the Real Property Section work closely with the County Engineers department in seeking compliance with standards for construction of roads and in bringing roads into the County road maintenance system.

The Real Property Section attorneys work with county officials and outside counsel regarding specific County projects and related entities such as the Joe Corley Detention Center, the Mental Health Treatment Facility and the Montgomery County Toll Road Authority.

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