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Are you a victim of family violence? We may be able to assist in filing an Application for a Protective Order.


We can assists local merchants and citizens in collecting amounts stolen through worthless checks.


We value our employees

Montgomery County Attorney's Office - 2018 Department of the Year

Aside from her delightful demeanor, her work product is impeccable. She has an incredible attention to detail, extremely competent and efficient.  The client’s needs are important to her and she is always seeks to the right thing for them. I

Our staff works diligently in the performance of its duties to ensure the accuracy and promptness of responses to all queries, routinely going the extra mile. Additionally, our staff is dedicated to the highest level of service and attentiveness to clients’ concerns. The singular aim of the County Attorney’s Office and its staff is, and always has been, fulfilment of the faith that it has been entrusted with, by the citizens of Montgomery County. Regardless of any challenges that it might face, the department and its staff endeavor to discharge their obligations in the finest possible manner.

Denise Johnson - Montgomery County Employee of the Month September 2018

She is so knowledgeable in the Real Property Department and teaches us something every day.   Denise always without hesitation tackles any assignment wholeheartedly.  She is genuine and honest. She always acts with complete integrity when assisting our clients.   She is an extremely valuable asset not just to the County Attorney’s Office but to Montgomery County as a whole.

Sarah Stallberg - Montgomery County Employee of the Month October 2017

“As long as I’ve been with the County Attorney’s Office, Sarah has stood out as one of the most capable and dedicated lawyers in the office. Her combination of skill, reliability, versatility and dedication to excellence makes her an invaluable asset to the County Attorney’s Office, and to the clients we serve.”

Natalie Laurent - Montgomery County Employee of the Month July 2017

“Simply stated, Natalie consistently places our clients needs first. She strives daily to represent the County Attorney’s Office in a positive and professional manner. As stated by numerous clients, Natalie exceeds all their expectations on whatever task is given to her.”

“On a daily basis, I see Natalie interact with our staff. Regardless of whether it’s a section chief attorney, a legal assistant, or a law enforcement officer, Natalie is always professional, courteous, and willing to help in any way she can.”

Rosie Soto - Montgomery County Employee of the Month February 2017

“Aside from her exceptional service with the public for mental health warrants, Rosie has always stood out to me for her sense of urgency, efficiency and professionalism. She takes her responsibilities seriously; she’s always on time and a true team player. Not only does she care about the clients, she cares about her co-workers, supervisors and other Montgomery County employees with whom she associates.”

County Attorney’s Office – Montgomery County's Department of the Year 2016

“The County Attorney’s Office works tirelessly every day to address the needs of Montgomery County and its citizens. Our purpose is to serve the people of Montgomery County and provide important legal services to effectively enforce the law as it pertains to civil law suits affecting the county, mental commitment proceedings, Juvenile court and bond forfeitures. We provide legal advice and services to county departments, agencies, boards, and commissions, as well as the county commissioners court.”

JD Lambright - Montgomery County Boss of the Year 2015

“He has turned the image and reputation of this office around in so many positive ways. He leads by example with the core values of integrity, sincerity, hard work and honesty.”

“JD is giving, honest, humble and most of all passionate. He cares about the public, aims to over satisfy our clients and always knows how to make his staff feel appreciated.”

“He believes in creating a team that helps each other grow as professionals, raise performance levels and support each other.”

Marc Brumberger - Montgomery County Employee of the Month 2015

“Marc is very highly regarded by his peers, both within and outside the County Attorney’s office. Judges who know him have full confidence that he will know his case in exquisite detail, that he will be well-versed in every legal issue in the case, and that he will always deal honestly and truthfully with the court. His courtroom demeanor and presentation are impeccable.”

Diana McGrath - Receives Board Certification & Montgomery County Employee of the Year 2014

“Diana McGrath received Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law December 2014 and Employee of the Year 2014.

When Diana is given a task, the end result is impeccable, whether it is a quick legal document she has to draft or a lengthy file she has to complete for trial.

Her work is flawless, generally done early, if not, always on time.”

Amy Dunham - Montgomery County Employee of the Month 2015

“Since coming to work for JD Lambright, Amy has proven herself to be a valuable asset to law enforcement in Montgomery County. She has shown dedication and enthusiasm for the position. Amy has put in long hours to assist issues as they arise.

She has handled herself with great professionalism and always displays a positive attitude even when presented with a less than desirable situation.”

Crystal Self - Receives Board Certification

Crystal Self received Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law December 2015.

JD Lambright - Montgomery County Boss of the Year 2014

“Mr. Lambright is known for his energy and high standard of performance and he is highly respected by those with whom he comes in contact with and is an exemplary role model to others.

He strives for excellence, is always courteous and is highly respected by each of his employees.”

County Attorney’s Office – Montgomery County Department of the Year 2013

“There is a strong sense of teamwork in the County Attorney’s Office, and that teamwork extends to all of the other county departments with whom we work.”

Montgomery County Attorney Office

Montgomery County Attorney Office