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Local ordinances are laws, rules, or regulations passed by a political subdivision smaller than a state or nation.

Public Information

The public has a right to know about County information and can make an open records request.


Are you a victim of family violence? We may be able to assist in filing an Application for a Protective Order.


We can assists local merchants and citizens in collecting amounts stolen through worthless checks.

mission & values.

Do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons

The mission of the Montgomery County, Texas County Attorney’s Office is to provide the utmost professional, timely, and cost efficient legal advice and services to our county government while upholding the highest level of integrity and standards of ethics, both professionally and personally.

Our purpose is to serve the people of Montgomery County and provide important legal services to effectively enforce the law as it pertains to civil law suits affecting the county, mental commitment proceedings, Juvenile Court, bond forfeitures, and probation revocations.

The County Attorney is also the chief legal adviser to the county and is responsible for handling all requests for legal opinions from the State Attorney General’s Office. We provide legal advice and services to Commissioners Court, all elected officials, and all county departments. We are not allowed to provide legal advice to private citizens.

Feel free to search our site for important resources that can help assist you in obtaining the information you need. Here you’ll find information about our scope and purpose as well as contact information for departments and services. We are here to protect public safety and to see that justice is done through greater offender accountability as well as increased victim safety.

Montgomery County Attorney Office

Montgomery County Attorney Office